WELLFresh™ CEH Grow System™

A Standard of Controlled Agricultural Excellence®, the WELLFresh™ CEH Grow System™ embodies intelligence, ingenuity and experience. Our highly credentialed Controlled Environment Horticulture CEH team has designed and is developing the future of vegetable produce production. The CEH Grow System™ merges decades of food production science to prudent agricultural economics.

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  • Pristine-Practical®

    WELLFresh™, setting the standard by providing Pristine-Practical® solutions to agricultural challenges being faced around the world.

  • Premium Hydro Produce

    WellFresh™, maximizes yields, flavor and nutrition, extends shelf life and produces premium leafy greens & herbs.

  • The Future of Agriculture

    WELLFresh™ brings high-yields, safe, secure and healthy produce to local markets. Sustainability is our commitment.

  • Preserving America

    WELLFresh™ preserves the farms, ranches, reservations and communities of America, by focusing on our future, today.

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WELLFresh™, Inc. is utilizing hydroponic CEH technology to plan and develop efficient, automated, climate controlled, sustainable, hydro-organic food production facilities to be located nationwide.

WELLFresh™ CEH methodology and technology maximizes yields, flavor and nutrition. The CEH Grow System® extends shelf life, while producing herbicide-free, pesticide-free, and pathogen-free leafy green products. WELLFresh™ is the future of agriculture; bringing high yield, safe, healthy produce to the local market, while reducing the carbon footprint and conserving water, profitably.

By its special nature, agricultural science embodies intelligence, ingenuity and time. WELLFresh™ has associated Controlled Environment Horticulture (CEH), a team of seasoned scientists, engineers and developers, organized to design and implement the CEH Grow System®.

WELLFresh™ and CEH are merging decades of agriculture science research and development by applying optimum food production science to prudent economics.

The WELLFresh™ CEH methodology and technology, incorporated with select industry constructors, vendors and suppliers, will provide the consumer the highest degree of quality and 21st century service; "Clean Water, Fresh Food and the Energy to deliver it, Sustainably®”

Join our Pristine-Practical® WELLFresh™ CEH Agriculture Science & Engineering Team and help us grow American agriculture.